Coach Registration

Payment details:

Coaches entry fee: 75 €

After the 9th of January 2018, late entries may be accepted depending on quota available and after payment of a late entry fee of EUR 100.

The Coaches’ entry fees can be transferred electronically and must be cleared by 9 January 2018 to the FAV Bank Account.

Please remember to pay the transfer costs from your side, if the FAV has to pay for the transfer costs then you will need to pay this back on arrival.

Incumbent address: Avda. de la Libertad, s/n, Puerto Sherry, 11500, Pto. Sta. María, Cádiz, Spain
Bank: BBVA
Account (IBAN): ES05 0182 3135 22 0201595572


In the bank transfer receipt should appear as concept “COACH´s NAME/SURNAME+Country (3 Letters)”. A copy of bank transfer will be sent to the organisers by 9 January

Phone & Fax.- +34 956 85 22 39 / +34 956 87 48 05  e-mail:

An entry is not complete until any entry fees have been paid and registration has been completed.

Please complete the following form.